Net/Net Maintenance

Prefer to manage trailer maintenance yourself?

 Choose our Net/Net maintenance option on over-the-road trailers: 

  • You manage all maintenance and service on your leased/rented trailers.
  • You won’t have mileage charges on your trailers.

Customer responsibilities:

  • Preventative maintenance–perform required preventative maintenance and DOT or provincial inspections.


  • Tires–replace normally worn tires below 4/32nd of an inch. Tire wear (per 1/32nd of an inch) will be measured at delivery and upon trailer return. Trailers returned with the same tire tread as checked out will not be assessed a charge. Trailers that go out with original casings must be returned with original casings.


  • Brakes–replace brakes due to normal wear at 2/8th of an inch, per DOT guidelines. Brake wear (per 1/8th of an inch) will be measured upon trailer termination. Trailers returned with the same brake depth as checked out will not be assessed a charge.


  • Parts–replace any parts worn due to normal wear as needed.

Tire and Brake Wear

Choose our Tire & Brake Wear maintenance option on over-the-road trailers and your coverage includes:

  • Tire and brake wear replacement, for normal, non-damage wear 
  • Estimated mileage charges

Customer responsibilities:

  • Overall operating condition
    • Maintain proper oil/grease levels in hubs
    • Notify CTR of any potential mechanical failure or problem
  • Tires
    • Repair flats and replace tires damaged by road hazards, cuts and curbing
  • Lights
    • Replace broken light assemblies
  • Brakes
    • Adjust brakes when needed
    • Repair damage to air lines
    • Notify CTR when brakes reach 3/8th of an inch (CTR will replace at 2/8th of an inch)

*Applies to over-the-road trailers only.